St. Thomas Syrian Catholic Church, Mosul

St. Thomas Syrian Catholic church in Mosul, Iraq possess a collection of 122 Syriac and Garshuni (Christian Arabic) manuscripts, curated byFr. Pius Alfaz, PhD (Louvain). CPART and Professor Herman Teule of the Institute of Eastern Christian Studies at the University of Nijmegen collaborated with Fr. Alfaz to photograph the manuscripts. This project was undertaken for conservation reasons, and also to facilitate access to the scholarly and lay community around the world.

The Manuscripts fall into 5 main categories: 1. Bible; 2. Liturgy; 3. Theology; 4. Philosophy; 5. Linguistics (including grammatical treatises and lexica). The oldest manuscript, a parchment codex containing a richly illuminated gospel lectionary dates to 1014 A.D. The remainder date from the 13th to the 19th centuries. There are numerous important texts among the collection.